Daily Bus Service From Ellsworth To Bangor

Daily Bus Service From Ellsworth To Bangor

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Starting next Monday, October 21 you will be able to get a bus to Bangor Monday through Friday from the Maine Coast Mall, Service provided by Downeast Transportation, Inc.!!

To catch the bus to Bangor wait at the TJ Maxx bus stop, the Bangor bus will NOT be stopping at Hannaford (The Ellsworth in-town bus will continue to stop at both stops)

Full schedule
Bar Harbor
Village Green. 8:00 am / 3:18 pm
Malvern-Belmont. 8:05 am / 3:17 pm

Acadia Gateway Center. 8:35 am / R

Maine Coast Mall. 8:50 am / R
City Hall. 9:00 am / 2:40 pm

Bangor International Airport. 9:55 am / 1:45 pm (change here to Community Connector to get to downtown Bangor)
Concord Coach. 10:00 am / 1:40 pm
Bangor Mall. 10:10 am / 1:30 pm

For fairs and full list of bus services by Downeast transportation visit their website

Photo By: Nicholas Navarre – Photographer

  • Patricia


    October 21, 2019

    No connection to Bangor to Portland bus?

  • admin


    October 21, 2019

    That would be a great question for Downeast Transportation – http://www.downeasttrans.org

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