Save time, money & Health on your journey of recovery from Lyme!

During this free talk presented by Catherine Gagnon, Health Coach and former Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, you will discover a few underlying factors behind the rapid expansion of this global illness.

You’ll have a better understanding of the complexity of Lyme diagnosis and treatment, as well as some reasons why so many people are not healing in a timely manner.

You will also hear about preventative measures along with strategies and perspectives to recover from Lyme.

Catherine Gagnon is a former PHC Nurse Practitioner who now practices as a Health & Life Coach with a specialty as a Lyme Disease Expert. She holds certifications as an Applied Neurosciences & Evolved NLP Practitioner.

Having recovered from a stage 3 chronic Lyme using natural modalities within less than a year, Catherine feels passionate about helping people who suffer from Lyme not only accelerate their healing journey but also find the underlying gift of Lyme in their life (there is always one!).

She teaches “Life Over Lyme – Optimal Management from Diagnosis to Treatment”, a powerful 12hrs online course where you can get personalized answers to your questions and have access to written bonus materials including the whole protocol she’s built out of extensive research. With this course alone, Catherine would have saved 50K of the 75K it did cost to recover her health and life!!!

Book your seat for this talk at the shop, 79A Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine 04675 or by email at

Exceptionally, on April 27th, there will be 6 spots available for 30 minutes “Life Over Lyme” individual discovery sessions at the Sage Moon Apothecary shop.
Investment is USD$60 (normally valued at USD$100)
Times available are 11 am, 11:30 am, 12pm, 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm.

In this condensed discovery session we will
– Look over your health situation, actual investigations and protocols if any
– Identify which of the 5 pillars needs to be added or optimized in your treatment
– Discover what is slowing you down or stopping you from recovering your health
– Create a plan to help you take the next steps on your health journey

This is your opportunity to have much clarity on the next steps of your Lyme journey!

Book your spot for a “Life Over Lyme” discovery session at the shop, 79A Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine 04675 or by email at