What are you wearing? – The outer expression of the inner you.

Location: Sage Moon Apothecary & Curiosities in Ellsworth, Maine

Teacher: Amy Young

Cost: $20

We are immersed in a culture that bombards us all with rules and requirements for presenting ourselves to the world. We’ve internalized these unwritten, and written, codes of conduct, often to our own detriment. This class will explore the experience of being in a body and how our clothing and adornments reflect how we see, and experience, ourselves – and vice versa.

Space is limited. Please pre-register by February 2, to reserve your space by “purchasing” this class at the Sage Moon Apothecary website (link below). Alternatively, you may contact Sage Moon Apothecary by email at and send payment in check form to Sage Moon Apothecary PO Box 102 Seal Harbor, ME 04675.

If the class fills up and you would like to be put on the waiting list, please email Sage Moon Apothecary.
Thank you.

It is through self-discovery that deep healing occurs, allowing each individual to come to understand their own coherent holy presence and experience more joy of being.

A native Mainer and long-time resident of MDI, Amy Young began her education in alternative wellness in 2003 when her son was in first grade. Starting to experience difficulty in school both in adapting to the environment and in acquiring the skills taught there, she sought out a developmental therapist to work with him. It was the therapist who, in the course of their work together and in response to Amy’s desire as a conscientious parent to be as conscious as possible, introduced her to Integrated Awareness®. As she took the lead, and the leap, into the world of self-improvement and childhood developmental therapy, she couldn’t avoid noticing the effect her personal work had on her son; the more she addressed and healed her own issues, the more her son’s issues subsided. Both their lives started working better.

It was in response to this so very obvious change that Amy sought training in Integrated Awareness®, starting with a short-term apprenticeship with local IA® Teachers Sara Pierce and Faith Perkins in 2007. It was enough to whet her appetite so she sought formal training in California with Integrated Awareness® founder Lansing Gresham in 2008, acquiring a Graduate Certification in Integrated Awareness® in 2012.

While pursuing her studies in California, Amy kept training with her local teachers, who were now offering the alternative modality Presence in Healing. Amy gained a Teacher Certification in Presence in Healing in 2012.

Because of all her experiences since beginning this journey, as well as through continued reading, classes, daily practice and sharing with others, Amy feels the deep connections among all living beings. It is here, in deep connection, in Inherent Holiness, and recognizing the Sacred Human, that Amy offers her intuitive energy work through classes and individual and multi-hands sessions through her multi-modal private practice of healing, artistry, and gardening centered in Southwest Harbor.

You can contact her for sessions and classes at or 244-3366 (after 10 a.m.)