Greening Of Ellsworth - Report - Main Street

Greening Of Ellsworth – Report – Main Street

Greening Of Ellsworth

Report By: College Of The Atlantic
Report Date: 6-8-2018
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Main Street Focus

In this post we’ll be focusing on the topic of Main Street.

Example Of What Main Street Could Be.

Below is an image of downtown Hamburg, New York, with complete streets, which looks and functions similarly to Main Street in downtown Ellsworth. Hamburg has a high volume of traffic, about 20,000 cars per day. (Data from New York state’s DOT website shows an average estimate of 11,000 Cars Per Day**) , and they chose to reconstruct their road to make it safer for cyclists. They reduced the size of their travel lanes and added 4 foot wide safety lanes  (That can be used by cyclists*). After the reconstruction, traffic-related accidents dropped by 66%. Ellsworth’s Main Street is the same width as Hamburg’s – showing the potential for improvements in downtown Ellsworth. (Ellsworth sees anywhere from 14,200 vehicles to 20,200***)

Potential Street Trees

Below is an image of Main Street from a pedestrian point of view. The lower left photo shows the existing conditions of Main Street, while on the right is the same street with the proposed trees. Landscape Architect, Ericka Duym created these images for the Canopy for Ellsworth Workshop on April 16th, 2018.

Photo By: Ericka Duym
downtown Ellsworth
Photo By: Nick Sarro

Complete Streets

The development of complete streets in Ellsworth would make the existing streets safer and more enjoyable to use. Complete streets are designed to be safe for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Some of the key design elements of complete streets are bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks with pedestrian refuge islands, and traffic calming features.


There are alternative types of crosswalks that last longer and are more visible than typical painted white stripe crosswalks. Stamped asphalt crosswalks create a difference in color and texture between the road and the crosswalk and last longer before requiring maintenance. Crosswalk murals don’t necessarily last longer than painted white stripe crosswalks, but they are highly visible and are a way to engage in community art and create vibrant crosswalks with unique community character. Repainting of crosswalk murals each spring would be a great community activity for Ellsworth.

*** Ellsworth Main St Car Data Provided By Steve Fuller Assistant City Planner.
** Data Provided By Steve Fuller Assistant City Planner: Both the CNU article and data from New York state’s DOT website show the correct figure is approximately around 11,000 Cars A Day.
* Updated Data Provided By Steve Fuller Assistant City Planner: The minimum width of a bike lane should be 1.5 meters (5 feet) against a curb or adjacent to a parking lane.

What Are Your Thoughts? Would You Like A Greener & Safer Main Street?
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  • Anna


    February 21, 2019

    I would LOVE to see trees on Main Street! I am a member at SevenArts and I think there would be businesses or even just people living here sponsoring a tree. Remember the bricks at the litte “park” by the main/high street intersection? Weren’t they ingraved by people for donation? I might remember this wrong. I really really hope this will be going somewhere. Another thing which I know is probably impossible but I would love to have a maximum weight on Main. Do we really need all those giant trucks rumbleing down the road?

  • Noele Spurling

    Noele Spurling

    February 21, 2019

    I love the idea of more green space in Ellsworth. I do wish the town took better care of the trees we have in downtown already. The trees in the parking lots are abused. The plow trucks really do a number on them, and I believe that other then a pruning of the apple trees every year there is no maintenance on them. The parking lots in downtown seem like they are the largest open space in Ellsworth, and they probably serve more people then the parks. They are often littered with trash, and the plants and trees that are there look in need of TLC , same with the side street parking lots. I feel like Ellsworth needs to have a plan for maintenance on their green spaces, and hope that this is considered in the planning.

  • Kayla B

    Kayla B

    February 21, 2019

    I like the idea of adding cycling lanes on Main Street and hopefully in other areas as well.

    I also would like to see more greenery added, however, I have expressed in other posts that I would be concerned with the concept art depicting the median with trees on Main Street only because I believe the road is too narrow to accommodate that and still have efficient snow removal in the winters. Any area that I have seen that has added a median like that has had at least a two lane road on either side of the median. Adding greenery to sidewalks or in other ways would still be great, though.

    The downtown Bangor area has embraced using stamped asphalt for some of their crosswalks and seems like they are holding up well. They have also done a lot of work in adding flashing crosswalk signs that pedestrians can use to signal they are about to cross.

    Overall, these are all great ideas for the downtown Ellsworth area!

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