Improving Winter Sidewalks In Downtown Ellsworth.

Improving Winter Sidewalks In Downtown Ellsworth.

We Are So Excited To Be A Part Of This!

Citizens, businesses, nonprofits, and local government working together ❤️

Members of the Ellsworth Green Plan Walkability, Bikeability, and Public Transportation subcommittee met with officials from City of Ellsworth, Maine, including Lisa Sekulich Public Works Director, to discuss ideas on how to improve snow removal and mitigate ice on sidewalks during the winter. As a result Ellsworth Public Works will be looking into the installation of a downtown salt/sand barrel for next year so anyone can have easy access to sand and salt to put on icy spots.

This is just one of several items to be included in the Ellsworth green plan. This idea was inspired by Sand barrels in other communities such as in Downtown Bangor.

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